Regional and Global Final

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the constraint it has put on CFA Institute resources, all in-person Regional and Global final events have been cancelled. These events will be operated virtually, in a similar fashion to this past season. 

Addition of Sub-Regional round

CFA Institute is adding another round of competition, called the “Sub-Regional.” This addition is a long-term change – not just the 2020-2021 season. The rules of advancing from the local competitions have not changed and those winners will now enter a Sub-Regional round before advancing to the Regional.

The new advancement process will consist of: Local, Sub-Region, Regional Semifinal, Regional Final and Global Final.

  • Local winners will advance to the Sub-Regional, where their report will be graded and a recorded presentation will be judged without a Q&A session.

  • At least one team will advance from each Sub-Region to the Regional. The number of teams advancing from each Sub-Region will be determined by the number of teams competing.

  • The Regionals will consist of both Semifinals and Finals. Scores from these rounds of the competition will be based on presentation only.

  • The Semifinal, Regional Final, and Global Final rounds will be held via live virtual sessions with judges asking question in real time.