CFA Society Switzerland Issues Best Practice Recommendations for Pension Fund Management


Zurich, 6 May 2024 

In its best practice “Position Paper on Investment Governance at Swiss Pension Funds”, CFA Society Switzerland issues recommendations in terms of investment governance, addressing both roles and responsibilities as well as management of potential conflicts of interests. With these recommendations, Switzerland’s largest professional association of investment professionals aims to elevate the standards of the investment profession locally, ensuring the resilience and sustainability of pension funds for generations to come.

As a non-profit organization that draws on the collective expertise of its CFA Charterholders, CFA Society Switzerland represents an independent and credible source for insights into the local investment industry, its practices, and its outcomes.

Through its commitment to professionalism and integrity, the society feels obliged to contribute to advancing the field of pension fund governance. The comprehensive "Position Paper on Investment Governance at Swiss Pension Funds" was written by Swiss investment professionals, members of CFA Society Switzerland, who either are directly involved in pension fund management or are acknowledged experts in pension fund operations. 

The paper was created as a best practice guide, to provide insights and share knowledge to help pension funds of all sizes in formulating their own bespoke investment governance strategies, thereby ensuring their resilience, sustainability, and ability to fulfil their promises to beneficiaries. 

CFA Society Switzerland acknowledges that defining optimal investment governance lies with the pension funds themselves. Its position paper does not intend to supersede this principle. The objective, however, is to foster a collaborative environment where the professional organization, along with entities like pension fund associations, can share its expertise to support pension funds.