Connect with Fellow CFA Candidates


CFA Society Switzerland has created WhatsApp groups to help local CFA candidates to exchange information concerning the exam curriculum or exam itself, the best prep opportunities, create in-person study groups and more.

To access links to WhatsApp group, please click here (CFA Institute login required). 


Level I Study Group ZH

Level II Study Group ZH

Level III Study Group ZH

Level I Study Group GE

Level II Study Group GE

Level III Study Group GE

Level I Study Group 🇨🇭

Level II Study Group 🇨🇭

Level III Study Group 🇨🇭




Join the Whatsapp Group of your exam window peers


Below whatsapp groups should help you and your peers to exchange information concerning the exam, the best prep opportunities, or - after mock exams -, also about potential questions. It's very important that somebody explains questions of the mock exams which might be unclair to you - that is the learning effect of the Mock Exams we are providing - only if you control them, you have a learning opportunity. By explaining things to other people, you double your own learning effect. Once your exam took place, please join the next whatsapp group.


Level I May 2021

Level II May 2021

Level III May 2021

Level I July 2021

Level I August 2021

Level II August 2021

Level III August 2021

Level I November 2021

Level II November 2021

Level III November 2021