Form a Study Group in Your City


Below whatsapp groups should help you and your peers to create in-person study groups in your own city. If you are interested to join a study group, please mention your name, your preferred date to meet in person and the topic where you consider yourself to be an expert in. Once you formed a study group that works, please leave the group. 


Level I Study Group ZH

Level II Study Group ZH

Level III Study Group ZH

Level I Study Group GE

Level II Study Group GE

Level III Study Group GE

Level I Study Group 🇨🇭

Level II Study Group 🇨🇭

Level III Study Group 🇨🇭




Join the Whatsapp Group of your exam window peers


Below whatsapp groups should help you and your peers to exchange information concerning the exam, the best prep opportunities, or - after mock exams -, also about potential questions. It's very important that somebody explains questions of the mock exams which might be unclair to you - that is the learning effect of the Mock Exams we are providing - only if you control them, you have a learning opportunity. By explaining things to other people, you double your own learning effect. Once your exam took place, please join the next whatsapp group.


Level I May 2021

Level II May 2021

Level III May 2021

Level I July 2021

Level I August 2021

Level II August 2021

Level III August 2021

Level I November 2021

Level II November 2021

Level III November 2021