Mock Exams


Mock Exams for Level III Candidates

Success on the Essay portion of your Level III exam is the key to passing and getting your charter.  Nathan Ronen, CFA of Chalk & Board LLC, offers you special opportunities to take three (3) CBT Essay Mock Exams for a total of 45 essays (15 different essays at each session) with Instructor Grading and Personalized Feedback.*


Do you wish to attend the LIVE mock exam sessions? Here are the dates:

Level III Essay Mock Exams (February 2023 exam cycle): 

Essay Mock Exam #1 -- January 21, 2023 OR available On-Demand with recording (live session between 9 am and 5 pm EST)
Essay Mock Exam #2 -- January 28, 2023 OR available On-Demand with recording (live session between 9 am and 5 pm EST)
Essay Mock Exam #3 -- February 5, 2023 OR available On-Demand with recording (live session between 9 am and 5 pm EST)


You can’t attend these live sessions dates?

No problem. Each live mock exam session is recorded.   If you cannot attend any exam session you can take the essays anytime at your convenience (on-demand) with the recording of that session and then submit your essays online for grading and feedback. 


Q: How is each Mock Essay Exam Session with Nathan conducted?

A: During each one-day "LIVE" (in-person) Mock Exam Session on zoom, he will challenge you to complete each of the 45 essays (15 different essays at each mock exam session) in less than the allocated time. 


This will encourage you to manage the time so that on Exam Day you are comfortable with completing all essays before the end of the First Session and have sufficient “cushion time” to go back and review your responses. For example, if the first essay provides 20 minutes (points), each candidate will be given less than 20 minutes to read the essay and address all parts. 

During the in-person Zoom session, you will answer the first essay on your computer. After the allotted time, you will be told to stop answering the first essay and not alter your response.  He will go over that first essay, explain the answer and what a CFA exam grader would expect and then answer any questions. Then you will proceed to the remaining essays, one essay at a time, in the same manner until all essays are completed.  

Be prepared for an intensive day.

After the end of each of the three LIVE Mock Exam sessions, Nathan will review each of your essays and answers.  He will inform you what needed to be provided to receive full credit and of any pitfalls that should be avoided when answering the essay.  This will train you to focus your attention on the exact question being asked. 


During the zoom session Nathan will also accept as many questions after each essay is completed, as time permits, to ensure that all essays are completed during each intensive 8-hour Mock Exam. 

After each Mock Exam, you will receive a copy of the answer key. 

You will also receive a link to the recorded Zoom session that you can access up until your exam day.

To ensure consistency of grading, Nathan will personally grade each essay. 

Within three (3) days of the zoom session, he will review each essay online and you can view his grading and comments.

You will be made aware of why any points were taken off with value-added comments and assessments. 

The grade will indicate “minus 2” or “6 out of 9 points”. with a clear indication why.  It will be preceded by a cover page with overall comments specific to you.

You will quickly understand why you are not being awarded full points and how your answer may have failed to provide all the information needed to answer the essay appropriately. 


Interested? For everybody who would like secure their spot for these three separate live or on-demand zoom sessions and having Nathan grade your essays, please go directly to and register to secure your spot.


Don't hesitate to get back to Nathan with any open questions.  He is reachable on Whatsapp +1-973-493-1371 and email


Level I and Level II Practice Exams 

Dear Candidate, 


Congratulations on your decision to pursue the CFA® designation.   

Level II Item Set Mock Exams:
There are three distinct Item Set exams that can be done On-DEMAND.
Each of the three exams includes a detailed answer key as well as a video recording of me timing them on each item set and then reviewing each question and letting the candidate know what is passing and what would be the MPS (minimum passing score) based on the difficulty level of the item set.


Level I Item Set Mock Exams (February 2023 exam cycle):
There are TWO distinct mock exams that can be done On-DEMAND. 
Each of the two exams includes a detailed answer key.  




In collaboration with CFA Society Boston, we are pleased to offer the following for your personal use: 


  1. Practice Exam – US$100.  A full-length, properly formatted practice exam based on CFA Institute’s 2022 Body of Knowledge® which includes a detailed answer key with LOS and curriculum references, and calculations.


  1. Online Test Bank – Levels I & II – as a special offer, receive FREE (a US $49 value) access to extra exam questions online: 650 Level I questions and 275 for Level II. 


To purchase the Practice Exam, visit CFA Society Boston Online Store. Candidates are required to create a web account to purchase. After purchase, we ask that you take a moment to select CFA Society Switzerland  from the dropdown list here


CFA Society Boston will email you access to the Online Test Bank within 1-3 business days after purchase. No product or coupon code is required.


CFA Society Switzerland supports your efforts and would like to invite you to learn more about becoming a member of our society here .  Start enjoying the benefits of membership now! 


CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by CFA Society Boston. CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst™ are trademarks owned by CFA Institute. 

* A portion of the proceeds will be allocated to our society to assist us in enhancing services to members and candidates like you in our local market. CFA Society Switzerland does not warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered