How to Succeed in Finance - Past Events


8 June 2023 

Speaker Christoph Schenk, CFA

Chief Investment Officer of Zürcher Kantonalbank


Some takeouts and key moments from the interview:

  • Personal branding is very important and should be done as early on as possible. Define your values and stay true to them.
  • True networking, the type that could get you a new opportunity, usually comes from the people you have worked with, that know you, your expertise, working ethic and commitment.
  • Aim as high as possible but if results are slow to appear, don`t dwell on it. Move on. Success may come to you through different paths and take several shapes. There are more ways than one to be successful.
  • Meticulously planning your career is not possible. Events may not happen in a particular order and other opportunities might come along the way.  
  • Intellectual curiosity is very important in one`s evolution, it broadens your horizons and adds new perspectives.
  • In interacting with clients and stakeholders, stay true to the values and principles that define you.


9 March 2023 

Speaker Jian Shi Cortesi, CFA

Investment Director GAM Investments


Some takeouts and key moments from the interview:

  •  Make your work and yourself as visible as possible to all stakeholders. Out of sight, out of mind.

  •  Enthusiasm for your job, passion, along with hard work can compensate for temporary missing technical skills.

  • Search for models from your own field of work and try to learn from them.

  • The intellectual ability to separate from the herd, independent analytical thought, and mastering one´s emotions are essential skills for a successful fund manager. And last but not least, the ability to sell your investment strategy.

  • For the dream job one should be able to sacrifice initial demands and expectations as it usually pays off along the way.

  • Successful career paths are a mix of passion for the job, technical skills, timing, luck, and coincidences.

  • If you´re passionate about a field of work, don`t give up on your dreams, work hard, and don´t let setbacks affect your enthusiasm for pursuing that career.

  • Time is very important, as well as making the most of it at work and at home.

  • Finding your dream job will make working a lot more rewarding.

  • Finding a mentor in your own company can bring a lot of benefits, different perspectives, and an additional layer of knowledge. If you´ve asked for advice and received it, follow through.


7 June 2022 

Speaker Cyrill Moser, CFA

Partner & Management Committee ZWEI Wealth


Some inspirational moments and key points taken from the session:

  • A career might not always follow a straight ascending line, therefore professionals should prepare for both the ups and the downs along
  • Any step back should be considered as an opportunity to reassess the situation and pursue the skills needed for the path forward
  • A career path has different stages, and each stage requires different skills. 1st stage: Find the area you are passionate about and improve your technical skills. 2nd stage: Focus on your soft skills. 3rd stage: Think strategically and strengthen leadership abilities
  • Networking and continuous learning are essential skills needed throughout the career, but even more important at an earlier stage
  • Becoming a successful leader entails active listening, taking time for employees, clear communication, formulating realistic targets, and building qualitative networks
  • Putting passion and effort into one`s job and finding a purpose in it will most certainly lead to thriving and good career opportunities
  • Due to the rapid pace of development in all fields but especially finance, curiosity, never settling for the status quo, and continuous education will ensure one´s success and provide opportunities for reaching one´s goals.


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