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CFA Institute Update on Computer Based Testing Capacity

(communicated to CFA Society Switzerland on 4 November 2020)

As tighter restrictions and an increasing number of lockdowns are being introduced, we are currently experiencing challenges in confirming Computer Based Testing capacity for early 2021.

This is due partly to potential venues being on lockdown and unable to take enquiries, and representatives being unable to gain access to potential testing facilities to confirm capacity and viability.

We are working as fast as we can with our testing partners to secure additional venues, and will provide a further update on  our website  in the week of November 9th.

Your patience in these difficult times is greatly appreciated and we will provide further updates as soon as possible.

For an update on the December 2020 exam administration and an overview of computer-based testing for 2021, please  watch this video.


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CFA Society Switzerland has no influence on any exam related decisions; all decisions in this regard will be made exclusively by CFA Institute based on guidance from local health and government officials.  We also do not have any information on the proposed venue(s) that CFA Institute has booked in your region.  The CFA Institute is monitoring these factors:

-Government Compliance: Watching local government regulations (local lockdown provisions, mandated curfews, limits on indoor public gatherings)
-Venues: Evaluating exam locations to ensure that provide adequate social distancing for the number of candidates registered, adherence to contact tracing requirements
-Shipping: Ensure paper exam deliveries will be secure, on time, and consider COVID-19 related customs and shipping concerns for each location.

Contact details CFA Institute

If you have questions about the exams, please visit the new CFA Exam Updates webpage for the latest information and FAQs or contact the Global Contact Center,  either via email ( or via phone (all contact numbers can be found here).

CFA Institute will email updates regarding your exam location, so please ensure that your contact information is correct.