Value of CFA confirmed in NZZ article

22 Mar 2023

A recent NZZ article on the value of continuing education highlighted the benefits of the CFA designation:

"«We keep seeing clients who, for example, see a CFA as a basic requirement for the candidates,» say the headhunters."

 "If one does not have a CFA or CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst), one should definitely consider such training."

"Depending on the role, permanent continuing education is a must for all to be perceived as competent to take further responsibility […] "

"Other examples of continuing education are a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or in finance the CFA title (Chartered Financial Analyst). Such programs are often very strenuous, especially since they are mostly part-time. In addition, they cost generally also a whole lot of money." 

Source: Michael Ferber, Wann sich eine Fortbildung wirklich lohnt (NZZ,08.08.22), S.25