ESG & GIPS Volunteer Opportunities with CFA Institute: Apply until 15 May 2022 .

31 Mar 2022

Volunteers are actively being recruited to serve on the following CFA Institute Global Industry Standards (GIS) committees, subcommittees, and working group, for chair or member positions as indicated below.

  • GIPS Standards Technical Committee - Members
  • GIPS Standards Asset Owner Subcommittee –Members
  • GIPS Standards Interpretations Subcommittee – Members
  • GIPS Standards Verification Subcommittee – Members
  • GIPS Standards Promotion Subcommittee – Chair and Members
  • GIPS Standards for Fiduciary Management Providers Technical Committee – Members
  • GIPS Standards United States Investment Performance Committee (USIPC) – Members
  • ESG Technical Committee – Members
  • ESG Examination Subcommittee - Members
  • GIPS Standards for OCIOs Working Group - Members

Volunteers are welcome to apply for multiple roles but will not be selected to serve on more than one committee or subcommittee within the GIPS Standards or ESG volunteer bodies at the same time. Please note that this restriction does not apply to members of the GIPS Standards for OCIOs Working Group. Volunteers may serve on a GIPS Standards Committee or Subcommittee as well as the GIPS Standards for OCIOs Working Group. Volunteers may also serve on a GIPS standards committee or subcommittee and an ESG committee or subcommittee.

For current volunteers wishing to apply as a member of a different committee or subcommittee, you must agree to rotate off your current committee or subcommittee as of 31 August 2022 before applying for upcoming volunteer positions. 

If your volunteer term is expiring as of 31 August 2022, you may apply for any open volunteer role, including for your current committee or subcommittee.

In addition to volunteer qualifications, the Nominations Committees will consider geography and employer diversity.

Please note that volunteers are appointed as individuals, not as representatives of their employer, and cannot assign a proxy to serve in their absence.

For detailed information about the required qualifications for each of the open volunteer positions, and to apply, please log in to (or register with) the CFA Institute Volunteer Community page and choose the role you are interested in under “Open Opportunities.”

The deadline to apply for a volunteer position is 15 May 2022 by 17:00 US ET. If you have any questions, please email