Check out our new offer SAQ CWMA Recertification Courses

12 Jul 2021

Continuing education is the best investment you can make for your career. Lifelong learning reflects a commitment to professional excellence and demonstrates a dedication to serving clients and employers.

CFA Society Switzerland offers a wide variety of resources for professionals develop competitive advantages. Boost your market value with our extensive collection of SAQ CWMA accredited courses as well as the global ESG Investing Certificate.


Check our our new offer SAQ CWMA Recertification Courses  (link)

High caliber Master Classes from the CFA Society Switzerland offer engaging content that enhances advisor’s expertise and establish them as investment specialists that inspires to client confidence. These video courses provides up-to date, practical content that is easy-to-use and accessible anytime and anywhere.

A broad range of topics are available with the CFA Society Switzerland courses, including:

Investment Wisdom from the Masters Risks and Relative Values in Diversified Global Portfolios by Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller and Professor Jeremy Siegel

Developing Your Personal Brand and Network by Andy Lopata and Curt Mercadante

Behavioral Finance and its Application by Professor Meir Statman

Four Myths of Popular Delusion in the Investment Industry by Michael Mauboussin