Career Paths 2022 was a great event!

13 Sep 2022

Thank you to all the speakers of our CFA Career Paths 2022 event for their substantive presentations. It was a pleasure to listen to such lively discussions.

Thank you Robert Zimmermann for for providing with us the latest trends in the labour market.

Louise Kooy-Henckel, Sveta Banerjee and Christine Gugolz Kiefer, we are grateful that you have shared with us your extensive experience of career development at Impact Investing.

Andri Silberschmidt, Sandra Tobler and Patrick Mueller, your speech inspired us to take the entrepreneurial path.

Thank you also to all moderators Karol Brodzinski, CFA, Luca Michienzi, CFA, Dirk D. Kubisch, EMBA, CFA, CAIA for your great questions.

We thank all members of the career committee who contributed to this event Mai Dang Thi, CFA, Cyrill Moser and Laura Prina Cerai, CFA.

Last, but not least, it was a pleasure to have such an active and engaged audience, and we hope to have you soon in one of our other events!