Swiss Pensions Conference Committees (Romandie and Zurich)


The Swiss Pensions Conference Committees develop and organize the Swiss Pensions Conferences that take place in the German and French-speaking regions and performs these tasks:

  • Setting the agenda, including selecting topics and attracting speakers.
  • Promoting the conference through professional networking.
  • Coordinating with the society office for administrative preparation and logistics.


The chair of the Swiss Pensions Conference Romandie Committee is Eric Bissonnier, CFA. 

We thank the Swiss Pensions Conference Romandie Committee's volunteers:

Renaud Despierre, CFA

Yoann Bernier

Reinhard Zimmermann, CFA

Matti Piippo, CFA

Maria Tudose, CFA

Ivan Guidotti, CFA

Louise Bergholtz


The Co-chairs of the Swiss Pensions Conference Zurich Committee are Jan-Ulrich Salchow, CFA and Markus Henz, CFA.

We thank the Swiss Pensions Conference Zurich Committee's volunteers:

Reinhard Zimmermann, CFA

Oliver Grimm, PhD, CFA

Beatrice Stadler

Claudia Meier, CFA

Tobias Müller, CFA

Peter Schwendner, PhD, CFA

Reto Faas, CFA

Walter Bareiss, CFA

Andreas Rothacher, CFA

Louise Bergholtz