Careers Committee


Career Committee works to support the society members in their career advancement. CFA Charter, despite being a very strong asset for a career in finance, is only one factor of success. In the Career Committee, we guide our members through winding paths of career development and we help them to thrive regardless of whether they just began their adventure in the job market or are well advanced and seek a change or ways to improve. To our members we offer a mentoring program, job board platform as well as career events and multiple ways of exposure to career specialists.

Our initiatives cover following aspects of career development:

  • Mentoring

  • Networking

  • Job search

  • Positioning career for the future

The Career Committee organizes the  Career Path and the  Career Mentoring Program .

The Chair of the Career Committee is Karol Brodzinski, CFA.

We thank our volunteers of this committee:

Karol Brodzinski, CFA - Chairman

Laura Prina Cerai, CFA 

Federica Cazzaniga, CFA

Mai Dang Thi, CFA

Dirk Kubisch, CFA

Federica Cazzaniga, CFA