Advocacy Steering Group


With our advocacy efforts, CFA Society Switzerland will be positioned as trusted, knowledgeable and independent reference point for insights into Swiss investment industry and long-term asset management matters with Swiss administration and society as a whole.

Advocacy Steering Group monitors and identifies key topics for the Swiss CFA community to contribute with professional knowledge (risk management, investment management) as well as provide an outside-in perspective (global vs Swiss).

Members of the Advocacy Steering Group are Sunny Karkhanis, CFA, Oliver Grimm, PhD, CFA and  Mirjana Wojtal, PhD (Chair).

The chair of the Pensions Advocacy Committee is Michael Kilchemann, CFA. 

Members of the Pensions Advocacy Committee are: 

Oliver Grimm, CFA

Patrick Uelfeti, CFA

Daniel Hutter, CFA

Philippe Jacober , CFA

Matti Piippo, CFA

Peter Hofmann

Christina Böck

Sandra Cafazzo, CFA

Edouard Jean-Pierre Bruce Stucki