Annual General Meeting 2022





Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Members will take place on Wednesday, 28 September 2022 at 16:00, CET Zurich, location available at registration. Online participation is not possible. 


Registering for AGM

If you would like to attend the AGM, please register by 20 September 2022 using this link:

Walk-ins can't be accommodated. Please register by the deadline.


Proxy Voting 

The proxy this year includes amendments to the CFA Society Switzerland Bylaws. In addition, members are voting on Board nominees for officers and directors.

Note that in accordance with society bylaws, only regular members of the Society can vote. All members received an email with ballot instructions on 26 August from via SurveyMonkey. That email contains a personalized link that can be used to cast your vote. Please note that the email and the link are for personal use only and must not be forwarded to anyone else. Regular members may cast and change their vote until the ballot closes on 20 September 2022 at 12:00, CET. To preserve the confidentiality of the vote, we do not record members' personal details with each vote, we only record whether or not a member has voted online. Therefore it will not be possible to cast or change your vote at the in-person AGM once you have submitted your vote online.

Alternatively, regular members who have opted out of Society surveys via SurveyMonkey at an earlier stage or who would like to cast their vote either by regular mail or in-person at the AGM, may do so by printing and completed the ballot form contained in the AGM materials. Mailed forms must reach the society’s office on or before 20 September 2022 at 12:00, CETMailing documents must include the name, surname, and CFA Institute ID for vote counting purposes. Members who attend the AGM and did not already vote online will receive confirmation that they are eligible to vote at the AGM.


Available material: 

Notice of AGM 2022 (PDF)

Annual Report 2021/2022 (PDF) *

Minutes of AGM 2021 (PDF)

Current Bylaws (PDF)

Proposed Bylaws Key Changes (PDF)​

Proposed General Revision of Bylaws with explanations (PDF)

FAQ Bylaws Changes 2022

Cyrill Moser Biography

Ballot form only for mail/email use **

* Printed copies will be available at the AGM if requested via email at .

** For members who opted out of Society surveys via SurveyMonkey (to be sent by mail to the postal address: CFA Society Switzerland, Höschgasse 83, 8008 Zürich. This form needs to reach the Society office before 20 September, 12:00, CET) or for those who prefer to vote in person at AGM. Note that confidentiality of the vote can only be sustained by voting online. 


Replay Q&A on Bylaws Changes 2022: 

Click here to watch the webinar