10 Nov 2020 17:30


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In this webinar we will address a series of key calculation examples that are essentially solved using specific functions of the calculator - we will be using the TI BA plus Professional calculator. The calculations will be cross topics and go beyond the Quantitative one by including Corporate Finance for example

Patrick Oberhänsli, CFA has a very long experience in teaching CFA courses. Moreover, he has been teaching CFA, CAIA and FRM exam prep for more than 10 years.

In that calculation and calculator workshop, Patrick will focus on the practical aspects of getting to know your TI BA plus Professional calculator that you are comfortable using it and on the other hand, have a clear understanding which calculations and formulas you will need to know by heart.

Understanding and applying -- that is what he focuses on.  Join him so that you have the competitive edge you need on exam day.

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Patrick Oberhänsli, CFA

Patrick Oberhänsli, CFA

Patrick started his career at a large Swiss Bank with Senior Positions in Internal Audit (covering in particular Investment Banking activities on an ex-post but also ex-ante basis with large and very large projects), Investment Banking (Interest Rates Derivatives) and complex Institutional Advisory. He also was Head of Institutional Sales Switzerland for a leading Dutch Global Asset Manager: with a particular focus on distinctive strategies in Equities, Fixed Income and Managed Futures. Moreover, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the CMT ASSOCIATION (, Technical Analysis) for 3 years. Throughout his more than 25 years of professional experience, Patrick has acquired extensive cross-asset class expertise in multiple domains such as Derivatives/Structured Products, Quantitative Strategies and Valuation Techniques and Alternative Investments. That comes to the benefit of the Quant based Investment Advisory / Roboadvising (conceived and realised including programming) and Professional Finance Education services he currently runs. For the later, recommendations are available on his LinkedIn profile. Patrick holds a master's degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and is also a CFA, CMT, FRM, PRM, ACI Diploma and ERP charter holder among others.