WIM: Break Free from Imposter Syndrome: Embrace Your Competent, Capable Self

03 Feb 2021, 22:00 - 23:30


1 PL Credit(s)

Event Details

This event is part of Collaborative Women in Investment Management Initiative, that CFA Society Switzerland is a proud member of. 

Note that this event will include a virtual networking program, in addition to the featured speaker event. 

Speaker: Michelle Galloway

Why do so many individuals fear being exposed as a fraud?  Why the self-doubt and self-devaluation?  In this seminar, you will learn: 

·        What neuroscience and psychology tell us about the prevalence of “imposter syndrome” and why is it more prevalent in high achievers. 

·        The costs of imposter syndrome on individuals and organizations.

·        The relationship between competence and confidence and why are both needed to achieve full potential. 

·        Practical strategies can organizations implement and individuals use to break out of “imposter syndrome.”