Financial Crises & Stress Management

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Combined accredited SAQ CWMA recertification training amounting to 1 hour of study.

Topic: Advisory and Sales

Subtopic: Holistic Advice 


Overview pt. 1: How Psychological Principles Can Help You Think and Act Your Way through a Financial Crisis and Personal Stress

Dr. Daniel Crosby shares how the COVID-19 pandemic is unique in that it threatens our physical, psychological, and financial well-being. Financial services professionals, who often serve as buffers between their clients and bad decisions, can be especially taxed because they must attend to their own needs as well as those of the people that they serve.


Overview pt. 2: Mindfulness for Overcoming Stress and Staying Effective in the Age of COVID-19    

 Donald Altman presents proven strategies using brain science to help you cope with pressure and succeed; a simple practice to discharge tension and stress; how to use selective attention to overcome worry; and a three minute stress detox to invite calm.


Learning Outcomes pt.1:

- Practical tips for maximizing personal wellness while assisting clients in making sound decisions in uncertain times

- PERMA model: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, advancement.


Learning Outcomes pt.2: 

- Brain science of negativity and fear in response to chronic stress.

- Mindfulness techniques to reverse the stress response.

- GLAD practices: Gratitude, Learning, Accomplishment, Delight 



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Daniel Crosby

Daniel Crosby

Daniel Crosby is currently chief behavioral officer at Brinker Capital. He is a psychologist and behavioral finance expert who helps organizations understand the intersection of the mind and markets. Dr. Crosby’s first book, Personal Benchmark: Integrating Behavioral Finance and Investment Management, was a New York Times bestseller. His second book, The Laws of Wealth, was named the best investment book of 2017 by the Axiom Business Book Awards and has been translated into five languages. Dr. Crosby’s latest work, The Behavioral Investor, takes a comprehensive look at the neurology, physiology, and psychology of sound financial decision making. He attended Brigham Young University and Emory University.

Donald Altman

Donald Altman

Donald Altman is a psychotherapist, an award-winning author, a mindfulness consultant, and an international workshop trainer. He is a former Buddhist monk and past vice president of the Center for Mindful Eating. Mr. Altman’s passion is bringing ancient, timeless values and practices into modern life, and he has taught thousands of health care and business professionals how to apply mindfulness for self-growth, in relationships, and in the workplace. In addition to writing the Practical Mindfulness blog for Psychology Today and articles for Psychotherapy Networker, he was featured in The Mindfulness Movie and profiled by the Living Spiritual Teachers Project. For many years, Mr. Altman taught as an adjunct professor at the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling and for Portland State University’s interpersonal neurobiology certificate program. In addition to leading workshops and retreats, he has written over 15 books on mindfulness that have been translated into several languages. Mr. Altman’s book The Mindfulness Toolbox won two national best book awards, and Clearing Emotional Clutter and The Mindfulness Code were named one of the Best Spiritual Books of 2016 and 2010, respectively. His newest book is Simply Mindful: A 7-Week Course and Personal Handbook for Mindful Living.