Live Mock Exam for Level III (Essay writing)

09 May 2021, 15:00 - 23:00


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For over 25 years Mr. Ronen, CFA has been teaching CFA Level III candidates from around the world and leading Mock Exam Essay Writing workshops.

He has developed the Ronen Methodology® to help Level III candidates hone their writing skills so that they are better prepared to respond to Essay questions on exam day. 

How is Each In-Person Essay Writing Mock Exam Webinar Conducted?

A day or so before the webinar, CFA Society Switzerland will provide you with 15-20 CFA Level III type essays, covering Individual and Institutional IPSs,

Derivatives, Fixed income, Equities, Alternative Investments, Capital Market Expectations, and other topic areas in the CFAI curriculum.

Beginning in 2021, the CFA Level III exam is computer-based.  

However, CFA Society Switzerland will be providing you with additional value -- each of your essay responses will be graded personally by Nathan Ronen, CFA.

During each one-day "LIVE" Mock Exam Webinar, Nathan will challenge you to complete each essay in less than the allocated time. 

This will encourage you to manage the time so that on Exam Day you are comfortable with completing all essays before the end of the AM (Morning) session and have sufficient “cushion time” to go back and review your responses. For example, if the first essay provides 20 minutes (points), each candidate will be given less than 20 minutes to read the essay and address all parts. 

During the webinar, you can choose to answer the essays on your computer or write your answers on separate sheets of paper.

After the allotted time, you will be told to stop answering the essay and not alter your response. 

At the end of the LIVE Mock Exam session, webinar participants will be required to scan and email their essay responses to Nathan directly. 

Nathan will then review each of your essays and answers.

He will inform you what needed to be provided to receive full credit and of any pitfalls that should be avoided when answering the essay. 

This will train you to focus your attention on the exact question being asked. 

During the webinar he will also accept as many questions after each essay is completed, as time permits, to ensure that all 15-20 essays are completed during the intensive 8-hour Mock Exam Essay Writing Webinar. 

After the Mock Exam, you will receive a copy of the answer key. 

You will also receive a link to the recorded Webinar that you can access up until your exam day.

To ensure consistency of grading, Nathan will personally grade each essay. 

Within five (5) days of the webinar, Nathan will scan each essay and e-mail them to you along with his comments.

You will be made aware of why any points were taken off with value-added comments and assessments. 

The grade will indicate “minus 2” or “6 out of 9 points”. with a clear indication why.

You will quickly understand why you are not being awarded full points and how your answer may have failed to provide all the information needed to answer the essay appropriately. 

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