ESG Conference 2023 - Sustainable Investing for Planet & Society – A Rocky Road

10 May 2023

ESG Investing for our Planet & Society - The Rocky Road 

The Annual ESG Investment Conference of CFA Society Switzerland is part of the series of events dedicated to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing as a commitment of CFA Institute to foster sustainability and ESG awareness in investment management. After a huge success of the inaugural 2022 ESG Annual Conference of CFA Society Switzerland, our 2023 Conference will follow up this year on the evolving topics around ESG Investing, such as investors’ needs and expectations, ESG investment approaches and solutions, integration of ESG factors in investment process, measurement of ESG metrics, ESG investment reporting, as well as Swiss and international regulatory and self-regulatory initiatives on transparency and disclosure.

This unique full-day event features an exciting agenda of plenary and break-out sessions and a line-up of renowned speakers representing the Swiss Government, financial industry associations, investment managers, asset owners, corporates, NGOs and academia who will be discussing the above-mentioned topics in a casual atmosphere of the Kraftwerk event center in Zurich. Join us to get inspiring insights on the “best practice” ESG investing approaches and solutions from investment managers and asset owners, the impact of sustainability efforts of the food-industry companies, latest ESG investment academic research and on Swiss and international regulatory and self-regulatory efforts in the sustainable investing area as well as to engage in exciting networking discussions. The conference is aimed at investment professionals, asset owners and all those interested in ESG Investing.

CFA Society Switzerland members can register PL credits for their participation using the online tracking tool. (Note: you will need to log in with your CFA Institute ID to access it).


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