Call for Volunteers



Committees with open positions:

  • Pensions Advocacy Committee


Volunteers benefits include:

  • Visibility within the CFA community, Swiss pension fund industry and Swiss regulatory environment
  • Having an impact in the Swiss regulatory environment
  • Broaden professional network with policy makers  
  • Gain recognition within the CFA community
  • Build on existing competencies and develop new skills
  • Enhance your resume with experience within a globally recognized organization 
  • Contribute to the future of your profession


Volunteer Position: Pensions Advocacy Committee



The mandate of the Pensions Advocacy Committee is to formulate a qualified position and actively participate in the advocacy engagements on Swiss pension reforms such as the 21.3017 Motion “Secure Pensions Thanks to Comprehensively Competent Pension Fund Asset Management”, currently under consideration.

The Secure Pensions Motion calls for renewing the relevant ordinance that implements the Swiss Federal Law on the Occupational Old-Age, Survivors' and Disability Benefit Plans (LPP), in particular how pension funds need to be organized and invest. The motion was submitted to the Federal Assembly by the National Council’s Social Security and Health Committee, the relevant preparatory committee in the lower house of the Swiss Federal Assembly.

The motion asks for three basic changes in the ordinance:

1. More investment expertise for members of the pension funds’ foundation boards.

Introduction of statutory requirements for the highest body of the pension fund in terms of knowledge in risk and asset management.

2. Comprehensive and explicit risk management. Risk management shall explicitly consider the specificity of pension funds’ risk profile and shall be reflected in the funds’ reporting.

3. More management responsibility and accountability for asset management. Given the increased responsibility and accountability for management, the current fixed limits per asset class in the ordinance shall be eliminated.


For details, please refer to the document (in German and French), a high position letter sent to the members of the Social Security and Healthcare Committee on behalf of the CFA Society Switzerland on 5 September 2022 ( link to pdf ).


Implications for CFA Society Switzerland

CFA Society Switzerland is positioned as trusted, knowledgeable and independent reference point for insights into Swiss investment industry and long-term asset management matters with Swiss administration and society as a whole.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for 5–8 volunteer members to establish a committee. The committee’s work will be facilitated by the CFA Society Switzerland Advocacy Steering Group that consists of volunteers and external consultants with expertise in advocacy and legal matters.


  • Extensive work experience in pension fund industry (advantage: investment or board roles) 
  • Prior advocacy experience/expertise and/or contacts with Swiss administration, policy makers and media are high advantage 
  • Estimated time required for this role: 5 hours per month (including preparations)
  • Duration of engagement: starts in November 2022 and ends after the Motion will have been implemented by Federal Council 
  • Ideally CFA charterholder and member of CFA Society Switzerland
  • Knowledge of one of local languages (German, French or Italian) is advantage

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Defining CFA Society Switzerland position on the Motion and implementation strategy 
  • Actively working with policy makers, regulators and industry peers to promote the position and provide professional opinion on the Motion implementation (as defined in the strategy)
  • Participating in the Pension Advocacy Committee meetings 

Benefits of volunteering: 

  • Visibility within the CFA community, Swiss pension fund industry and Swiss regulatory environment
  • Having an impact in the Swiss regulatory environment
  • Broaden professional network with policy makers  


The interviews with candidates will take place in the second half of October 2022. 

Inaugural meeting will take place in the first half of November 2022. 



Deadline for applications is 17 October 2022.